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Discover the Power of Foresight With Minh Clare

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Before Discovering Her True Calling

Minh Clare received a B.B.S. in Business Administration and spent over 20 years in project management for Fortune 500 companies. 

She was a single mother who raised 2 lovely daughters while taking care of her ill mother.  She understands that most of us have very busy lives with multiple priorities between family, children, work and obligations and that we all need a little support at certain crossroads.

A New World Unfolds 

Even though Minh Clare had heard about energy therapy, she didn't really understand it until she experienced it. Her first energy session  turned out to be the most amazing and life altering event.   The healing took place about a year after a very traumatic breakup in her marriage and opened a whole new world to her.  She discovered gifts of spirit and communication which she had repressed all those years prior. It is with pure joy that she is now able to help her clients align their energy as well as provide intuitive consultations. 

Her sessions are always held with the best and highest intentions to help her clients. She is dedicated to honoring our connections with one another, our earthly experiences and the higher dimensions. She has concluded that if she can experience a spiritual awakening after all her life trials and tribulations, each one of us could also have that connection and reclaim our birthright.

Minh Clare believes that everyone has the ability to open their intuitive and healing abilities,  to live their best life. 

It is with this hope that she pursues her desire to help others with passion.

​Discover the Power of Aligned Energy

 with Minh Clare​