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Reviews about KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) Experience:

Ky Denizens - San Diego, CA- 

"Minh is a truly gifted spiritual healer, someone who you can trust and be vulnerable within your spiritual path. When I experienced KAP under her ​guidance, I went into a deep trance and had meaningful visual journeys - afterwards I felt like I was vibrating and just blissful. Thanks Minh for ​sharing your gifts with the community!"

Maricel Balanza- Solana Beach, CA- October 2019

"KAP class with Minh has got to be one of the most intense and memorable spiritual experiences I have had thus far. I have already been meditating, practicing Kundalini yoga, and offering/receiving reiki, and this class has really helped me feel more connected to enhance these practices. It is beautiful energy from a beautiful soul, and Minh is nurturing and kind. I feel safe and heard whenever an emotional release arises. What is great is that she follows up with me to make sure I am integrating my experience into my everyday life- helping to make me become a more aware and the best person I can be, living the best life that I can."

         Christina A.- San Diego, CA- February 2020

"I've been battling depression. Best decision booking a reading and KAP workshop because I feel so much better.  The reading was spot on and gave me much clarity. KAP was so amazing... All I can say is that I experienced an awakening for the entire workshop and I felt as if my body was rewiring itself.  Minh Clare is the best and I look forward to the next workshop!"

Reviews about Psychic Readings:

Jessica Campell- Palo Alto, CA

"Minh is so gentle and kind in her approach. She channels so truly & authentically. It's like she's touching directly to the source, while communicating in a way that one senses as something so accurate, yet beyond. I'm so grateful to have Minh bring clarity & awareness to my life. Thank you Minh!"

Bernice Hanvey- Manchester, NH 

"Please know that Minh Clare is not only a psychic medium and spiritual healer, but a true Angel ​😇. My family has been struggling for the past 6 weeks with a major medical emergency. Minh Clare not only sent her prayers, love, hope, but also guidance from our guardian angels and spiritual messages from my son, Marc, while he was resting in the spiritual plane (coma). Minh Clare was able to convey his thoughts, wishes and messages.  When a life-threatening situation arises in life, you hold on to every bit of faith and hope possible. Minh Clare's messages gave us hope and insight.  We now know that Marc was just resting and would  live. He told us to be patient and he would be back with us soon. There are no words to ever express how grateful we were and are. Marc is still struggling with some non-life threatening problems, but I still have my wonderful son . Minh Clare still remains connected getting us through to the end! Minh Clare's abilities and her dedication are priceless 😘. Update 3-21-19: Marc is now called the Miracle Patient at Boston Mass General."

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