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What Clients Are Saying

Please go to links below to see what clients have recently said about Minh Clare on Facebook and Google.

Ivanna D.-San Diego, CA

"When I met Minh Clare, she was very warm, genuine and made me feel at ease. There was a light, supportive energy about her.  The situation felt authentic and that I could trust her.  I was actually going through professional indecision and lack of direction at the time.  Aside from being pleasantly surprised at how accurate the reading was, I found that the guidance provided me with a sense of direction in a way that felt natural and true to myself.   My information is personal but I will say that if you’re caught up in questioning anything in your life or are just curious to explore, gift yourself the opportunity of clarity. A reading by Minh Clare was not a magic pill or a promise of this, that or the other. It was super valuable introspection and the opportunity to see your back in the mirror. There’s a saying - knowledge is power. This knowledge to me is not something that will happen tomorrow or next year. It’s the knowledge to map out my personal road map. 

Bernice Hanvey- Manchester, NH 

"Please know that Minh Clare is not only a psychic medium and spiritual healer, but a true Angel ​😇. My family has been struggling for the past 6 weeks with a major medical emergency. Minh Clare not only sent her prayers, love, hope, but also guidance from our guardian angels and spiritual messages from my son, Marc, while he was resting in the spiritual plane (coma). Minh Clare was able to convey his thoughts, wishes and messages.  When a life-threatening situation arises in life, you hold on to every bit of faith and hope possible. Minh Clare's messages gave us hope and insight.  We now know that Marc was just resting and would  live. He told us to be patient and he would be back with us soon. There are no words to ever express how grateful we were and are. Marc is still struggling with some non-life threatening problems, but I still have my wonderful son . Minh Clare still remains connected getting us through to the end! Minh Clare's abilities and her dedication are priceless 😘. Update 3-21: Marc is now called the Miracle Patient at Boston Mass General."

Watch the videos below to hear their messages of appreciation for her psychic readings and KAP workshops/ sessions.

Cheri Smith on KAP with Minh Clare

Tamara O’Brien

Stephen Song